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by Mike Dailey on October 6, 2011

The news of Steve Jobs’ passing was not unexpected, as anyone who follows technology news, or is a devoted Apple customer, would be familiar with his failing health and recent decision to step down from his position at the helm of Apple.  There will be, for the next several days, countless articles, blog posts, and news stories about the man who drastically shaped the computing landscape, being personally responsible for many of the technologies we take for granted today.  I’m writing this short blog post, not as a news story, but as a personal thanks to a man that shaped the lives of millions of us in the technology industry. 

For anyone who grew up with technology in my generation, Steve Jobs helped to open for us the door to a new world.    I began my career in computer technology at the age of 12, and by 15 was programming at summer college courses using the Apple II.  The technologies he helped to pioneer pushed the industry forward, and propelled my career along with it.  Today, I use my iPhone for everything, and work daily to support network-attached Macs and iPads.  While I never had the opportunity to meet Steve Jobs, his ideas, concepts, and technology contributed greatly to provide for me a career and a future.

Today, with his passing, he leaves behind a world better than he found it, and for me personally, a successful career that he unknowingly helped to shape.  Thank you, Mr. Jobs.

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